English / 日本語


Students Fee
  • 2USD per lesson
  • 1USD per lesson for videos that are used for review

Adoption Scenario 1:
Japanese 101 covering Lessons 1 through 6

   → 12USD/person

Adoption Scenario 2:
Summer Intensive Japanese 221 covering Lessons 13〜23 and using videos for Lessons 10〜12 for review

   → 25USD/person

Access Videos that instructor signed up for are accessible throughout the contracted period
Payment Students pay individually online (or instructor/institution pays for the students)

Instructor Fee Free of charge as long as Genki Video is adopted
Access Throughout the contracted period, instructor can access all videos, quizzes, and instructor pages that display students' grades and performance information

*For an overview of deploying Grammar Video for Genki in your class, please refer to the "How to use GVG" page.