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Deployment Overview

The following assumes a semester from 8/21 to 12/8, two sections of Japanese 102 covering Lessons 7~12, with Lessons 1~6 videos used for review. Students pay individually.

Prior to 8/21 Watch sample videos (free)
Prior to 8/21 Sign up for Grammar Video for Genki. After the sign-up, you will provide the student roster to us for the purpose of issuing passwords.
Prior to 8/21 We set up two classes on our system, one for each section (e.g. Japanese 102-1 and Japanese 102-2). We help you configure your Learning Management System (like Blackboard) so that your students can access Genki Video easily.
8/21 Student access becomes possible. Upon their first access, they pay US$18 using either Amazon Pay or PayPal.
12/8 Student access ends
12/15 Instructor access ends

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Sign up for sample videos (free)

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