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Deployment Overview

The following assumes a semester from 8/21 to 12/8, two sections of Japanese 102 covering Lessons 7~12, with Lessons 1~6 videos used for review. Students pay individually.

Any time Watch sample videos (free)
Sign up for free sample videos here!
8/7 Sign up for Grammar Video for Genki.
*We recommend that the instructors sign up about two weeks prior to the first day of the semester/students’ first access in order to set up the GVG.

Set up
Upon your submission of the sign-up form, we will create your course account and send the login information for Grammar Video for Genki. You will get access to GVG page as an instructor within a few days.

If Using SCORM: We will send you files you need to set up SCORM. → Set up SCORM on LMS and set online quiz due dates

If Not Using SCORM: Create a roster on the instructor page → set online quiz due dates

*Please refer to the “Set Up and Access” below for more information about SCORM.

8/21 Student access becomes possible. Upon their first access, they pay US$18 using either Amazon Pay or PayPal.
12/8 Student access ends
12/15 Instructor access ends
*You as an instructor will have access for an additional one week after the semester end day so you can continue to manage grades.

To instructors

We have some suggestions and useful resources below. Please edit and use the materials freely.

●“What is the Flipped Classroom?”: Explanation videos and slides (for students; recommended to use on the first day)

Not only instructors but many students have never taken a course in the “flipped classroom” style and a lot of them expect that the instructors are to give lectures in class. We recommend that you explain about the “flipped classroom” on the first day of the semester so students can understand the nature and benefits of such class format. We found that having students understand the “flipped classroom” is very important. We have been receiving more positive feedback on “flipped classroom” once we started to explicitly explain it on the first day.

Videos that explain Flipped Classroom(external links)
 ◇ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2b7GeuqkPc
 ◇ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQWvc6qhTds

1st day PowerPoint Slide example
 ◇ Download PowerPoint file (1st_day_PPT_SAMPLE.pptx)

● Connect online quiz scores to the final grade

In-class time will be used for application of the knowledge in a flipped class. It will not be successful if there are many students who do not watch the lecture videos before coming to class and the instructor needs to explain the grammar in class. Please use our online quiz so you can make sure the students watch the videos and understand the material before coming to class.

We recommend including GVG online quiz score/grade formally in your class, in order to encourage everyone in the class to watch the videos. The quizzes are not very difficult and students should be able to get a high score as long as they watch the videos, and are to encourage students to watch the videos until they understand the material. Therefore, students can take the quiz as many times as they want before the due date and the highest score will be recorded. The quizzes are graded automatically so there is no need for the instructor to grade (The instructor can export an Excel file that contains quiz scores for all students).  GVG quiz grade at the University of Nevada weighs 10%-15% of the final grade.

● Example of Syllabus description

Expectations, how to access GVG, things to be careful about when taking the online quiz, etc.

 ◇ Download sample Word file (Syllabus_SAMPLE.docx)

● Japanese Typing

Starting from Lesson 4, Grammar 4, the online quizzes require Japanese typing. Please ensure that your students are able to do this by then.

Resources for Japanese typing (external links):
 ◇ http://www.textfugu.com/season-4/social-learning/9-2/
 ◇ https://www.coscom.co.jp/learnjapanese801/

● Video Lengths

List of video titles and lengths

*There are three tabs at the bottom of the file:

  • E3_L1-12 (3rd Edition Lesson 1~12)
  • E2_L1-12 (2nd Edition Lesson 1~12)
  • E2_L13-23 (2nd Edition Lesson 13~23)

Set-up and Access

Instructor access

  1. Upon your submission of the signup form, we will create your course account and send the login information for Grammar Video for Genki.
  2. You will be able to access all of the courses/sections when you log in.
  3. “To instructor mode”→Click course name→ you can manage roster, grades, and quiz due dates
    “To student mode”→You can view videos and quizzes that students will see

Student access

There are two ways the instructor can let students access GVG. Please choose either Method A or Method B when you submit your sign-up form.

Method A:Connect LMS (such as Blackboard) with Grammar Video for Genki (GVG) using SCORM.

【Pros】 No need to add/manage students’ roster as it is done automatically.
Students can access GVG through LMS, so there is no need to give URL and create password for each student.

【NOTE】 Even if you choose this option, the quiz scores of GVG will NOT be automatically uploaded onto your LMS system. Please use 「Export to Excel」 function within the instructor access and use it to update the grade manually onto your LMS periodically.

【How to set up SCORM】
Blackboard: instructions
Canvas: instructions
Brightspace: instructions

Method B:Access Grammar Video for Genki directly

【Pro】 Institutions that do not use LMS can use GVG

【NOTE】 Student access URL can be found at the Instructor page →”To instructor mode”→click the course→”Roster Management” , in the green box at the bottom of the page. Please share this URL with students (on your syllabus, class website, etc.).